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Welcome to SYNTHESYS.
You got yourself lifetime access to professional high-quality voices to create voice-overs for your videos in just minutes.

No delays. No exorbitant fee. No compromise on quality.

Originally we had planned to offer premium voices and some extra features on a pay-per-use basis inside the SYNTHESYS dashboard. And once this special launch ends… that’s what we are going to do.

But to welcome new SYTNHESYS customers on board… we decided to extend these premium resources and features for a low one-time price.

This is a strictly one-time offer.

These features are designed to take your voice-overs to a whole new level and help you generate even MORE profits for you and your clients’ business.


Add 21 More Premium Voice Actors To Your Account

Crush your competition. Get instant access to Premium Voices that are exclusively available to Pro members only.

Use the latest cutting-edge voice technologies to create UNIQUE voice-overs for yourself and your clients. Provide MORE voice options and charge MORE for your services!

21 Male and Female Professional English Voice Actors. Unique Tones.

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Example #1

Darryl T.

Gentle and trustworthy. Darryl’s voice is great for training. #UK #Male #Middle-Aged #Ad #News #Gentle #Trustworthy

Example #2

Chris L.

Chris has a soft, almost poetry tone and natural sound voice. Ideal for monologues, documentaries and audiobooks. #Male #Senior #Audiobooks

Example #3

Lien H.

A gentle and friendly voice perfect for documentary narration and audiobooks. #Female #Young Adult #Audiobooks #Documentary

Example #4

Patricia H.

Crystal bright voice perfect for explainer and e-learning videos. #Female #Middle-Aged #E-Learning #Gentle #Trustworthy #Warm

Example #5

Pauline D.

Gentle, pure, and sweet. Pauline has a very calm voice tone. #Female #Young Adult #Audiobooks #Documentary #Distant #Gentle

Example #6

Tim B..

Clear, powerful, and resonant. Tim’s voice is great for e-learning. #Male #Middle-Aged #Audiobooks #E-Learning #Low-Pitched #Powerful

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No Monthly Costs & No Pay-Per-Use

We paid an exorbitant fee to license these PREMIUM voices so that SYNTHESYS PRO customers get access to all the tools they need to get uber-cool results.

We are covering ALL the costs, so you get UNLIMITED usage rights with no monthly costs!

Automatic Integration

All 21 premium voice actors are automatically integrated into the SYNTHESYS app to give you ultimate flexibility.

Activate any new voice and use it for your voice-over in seconds.

No technical experience needed!

Activate Voice Library

When you get access to SYNTHESYS PRO, you will be added to the list of Elite Members. This allows you to get access to all future voices at no extra charge.

We are in the process of licensing more voices. We want to keep upgrading the voice section to deliver new premium voices.

And all these new voices will be added to every Elite Member’s Voice Library at no extra cost. For the rest, the additional FIVE and other voices that will be added later would be chargeable on a pay-per-use basis.

Commercial License for Premium Voice Included

The 21 premium voices that would be added to your account, come with commercial use license.

This allows you to use these voices, as well as the ones that would be added every time we license new ones, for your customers.

You can create separate packages for your services and charge higher if your clients want you to use these particular set of voices.

This helps you make MORE profits per assignment.

SAVE Time. Make MORE Profits.

As a pro member, you get access to Multiple Rendering Threads for longer scripts.

Now render more text, create voice scripts ultra-fast for your business and that of your clients.

Pick up more orders, deliver quickly and scale-up profits.

Boost Engagement & Sales

As a Pro member, you can set specific words to be pronounced in a way that you want.

Break your words into syllables or add quotation masks so as to help spell your word the way you want it to sound.

Such versatility and natural articulation help you create finer voice-overs and apply an extra charge for your clients.

Why Pay-Per-Use?
When You Can Get Lifetime Access NOW...
Once this special launch ends, each of these premium voices would be charged at $9.97 per use for non-pro members.

This is a massive opportunity to not just get 21 premium voice actors at a low one-time price…

… you also activate your voice library that allows us to directly add more voices at no extra cost, as and when we license them.

21 Voices

Unlock Premium Voices. More Diverse And With An Even Wider Range Of Tonalities.

Bigger Scripts Up To 1500 Characters

This Upgrade Allows You To Create And Render Longer Voice-Overs. More Words Simply Converts Into More Profits For You.

Future Voices At No Charge

We Plan To Expand The Range Of Synthesys As We Move Along…Adding More Voices. When You Upgrade Today – You’d Get Access To All Future Voices At No Extra Cost… While Others Would Have To Pay-Per-Use.

Commercial License To All The Premium Voices Included In This Upgrade

You Can Use The Whole Range Of Voices, Including The Premium Ones You’d Get Access To Today With This Offer, For Your Clients. Make Sure You Charge Them A Higher Per-Word-Price For The Premium Voices.

This High-Value Packed Upgrade Includes:

Additional 21 Premium Voices

Unlimited Usage

Automatic Integration

Future Voices At No Charge

Activate Voice Library

Commercial License for Premium Voice

Multiple Rendering Threads

Control Over Articulation & Versatility Of ALL Voices

Special Pro Member Bonuses

Synthesys Pro
Zero-Risk | Low One-Time Price
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