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With SYNTHESYS, you now have the awesome power of creating real-human sounding voice-overs in just minutes.

Now that you’ve got the perfect tool – you want to be able to make as much money from it as possible… right?

So JUST before you get started – let’s discuss how you can best make bank fast and easy – starting right NOW…

And that means a huge opportunity for you to cash in... selling your voice-over services for training and explainer videos.

Here’s what your future looks like to me:

Very soon the word about your service will spread like wildfire. The Internet has made the world a pretty small and closed place.

Businesses will be clamouring over themselves to give you $500, $1,000 even $2,000… to get you to create explainer videos, demo videos and sales videos.

The BEST option for you to scale up profits… would be to combine your exceptional VOICE-OVER service with creating content-that-sells.

To do that, you need tools such as scripts, and some commercials that can help you advertise and land more clients.
These things are THE key to make a killing when it comes to growing your business.

And before you start worrying how you are going to get all of this stuff…

Let me quickly introduce you to…


Pre-rendered audio voice-overs, 100 high-converting text scripts, a Done-For-You TV Commercial PLUS 15 brand new, bang on trend, ready-to-edit scripts delivered to you every single month WITHOUT any recurring fee

No-Risk | Strictly One-Time Offer
Take a look at what’s inside the boost pack…

Pre-rendered audio voice-overs for all the major niches…

Food Industry


Real Estate


And many, many more Industries Included!

Here Is How Mario's Customer's Feel About His Products & Services.

100 high-converting professionally written text scripts…

DFY TV Commercials for your business


Our in-house copywriting team will work full-time for you to always add fresh new scripts to your arsenal -

Ready for you to edit-n-use in just minutes!

To be able to go out and get more clients - and always be able to cater to them when you do.

Now you can make more high-converting voice-overs for yourself and your customers, in more niches with LESS effort. AND profit MORE.

Each month you will be getting 15 brand-new, high-converting, professionally written scripts! That’s over $1,500 worth of scripts for you every single month!


No-Risk | Strictly One-Time Offer

SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK is designed to put your head and shoulders above all of your competition AND help you skyrocket your profits

More Niche To Target And Sell

With access to 100 ready-to-deploy scripts in all the major niches and another 15 added every month…you can target 10x the clients and make more money.

Maximize your income starting right now…by hitting top-speed right from the word GO.

Getting Started Just Got Easy

The moment you log in, you will see Pre-Rendered Audio Voice-Overs in your account. These vary between15 seconds to 1 minute in length and have been created by our team of experts. Use these for your campaigns or for your clients.

And do remember to use these as the benchmark of the kind of voice-overs you should be producing with SYNTHESYS.

Leave Your Competition For Dust

With new scripts hitting your account every month, your competition will be no match for you. By the time they can even figure out the content for their next video, you’d have already produced a stunning voice-over video and made money with it.

Your competition just won’t be able to keep up.

Floor Your Clients With An Awesome TV Commercial

SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK helps you net the BIG fishes in the pond.

Get Ready-made handpicked commercials created by our special advertising team with years of experience. Use these videos right away for social advertising campaigns.

These commercial video ad database with voice-over highlights are built to attract the attention of professional TV commercials from the best brands. That’s where the BIG money is… and SYNTHESYS BOOSTPACK takes you right there.

Keep your business always moving forward

With SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK you will be constantly moving forward in your business…

… with the trends, styles and times… we deliver fresh scripts that are exclusively created for SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK members by our team of professional copywriters.

We all know that trust in quality is the key to a great business and the SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK helps you build and maintain that with fresh scripts and professionally created TV commercials.

Make money with SYNTHESYS forever…

Save tons of money, time and hassle

Now when you get access to the SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK, you’d be saving yourself a lot of money compared to buying separate scripts.

Plus if you were to get someone to try and create these for you - you’d be again looking to pay over $1000 per script, chasing copywriters, facing delays and losing sleep… the whole cycle would go on and on…

Synthesys DFY Boost Pack
No-Risk | Strictly One-Time Offer

Commercial license Included

Everything you get inside the SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK today and the scripts that you would be getting in future (without paying for them every month of course) have the commercial rights attached.

Feel free to use them as-is or with few changes for your clients.

All of these resources are created by professionals with tons of experience in their fields.

These are sure to floor both your clients and audience.

Use the SYNTHESYS BOOST PACK Completely RISK-FREE for 14 days.

We're seriously committed to increasing your results. If you don’t see great results, just drop us a message and get your full refund processed instantly.
And now some bad news

We are ONLY offering this boost pack for this exclusive launch period ONLY.

Once the launch is over, you will have to buy all scripts, TV commercials from inside your dashboard. And then we will be charging our regular rates for providing such services…which are quite high, yet fully justified… given the quality.

You will be the ONLY people who would have exclusive access to the present and future assets inside the boost pack for this small one-time fee.

Zero-Risk | Low One-Time Price
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